Hello! 你好!
I'm a Cantonese Canadian artist, whose thesis in art is to bring sincere moments to life. Moments loud and quiet; from the decadent chaos of a debutante ball to the quiet days waiting for the coffee to brew. A central interest in my work is to tell informed historical narratives from the contemporary viewpoint, letting past and present converge. As an illustrator, I love to be a part of independent, unique and whimsical ideas. 
Currently I am in my fourth year at Sheridan College's Bachelor of Animation program completing my thesis film. I will be looking for opportunities in the summer of 2024!
I am always ecsatic to collaborate with other artists, studios and brands to bring exciting things to life. In animation, I specialize in visual development, location design/paint, and colour design.
Say hi at farawaygraceart@gmail.com